A collection of simple but useful ConfigurationBuilders for .NET 4.7.1 and later
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A collection of simple but useful configurationbuilders for .NET 4.7.1 and later. You can install these features from NuGet by executing:

Install-Package Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders

Big thanks to AppVeyor for building our open source project:

Build Status: Build status

NuGet PreRelease: NuGet Pre Release


This project contains ConfigurationBuilders for your application to be able to consume and work with:

  • INI Files
  • RSS feeds
  • YAML Files

You can add this library to your project and start consuming files and configuration data from these sources using the .NET Framework's standard System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager interface.

How to use


  • You must be using at least .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • You must be targeting Windows (kind of required for Net471)
  • You must have a web.config or app.config in your project

Configuration File Updates

First, you need to declare the ConfigurationBuilders section in your project file. This is required for any configurationbuilder, not just the ones included here. Add the following section code to your project:

  <section name="configBuilders"
    type="System.Configuration.ConfigurationBuildersSection, System.Configuration"/>

You could set the sectionName to anything you would like, but for ease of this demonstration, we're using configBuilders. You next need to add the section called configBuilders that defines the actual ConfigurationBuilders with their configuration settings to use:

    <add name="Ini" 
         type="Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders.IniConfigurationBuilder, Fritz.ConfigurationBuilders"
         location="config.ini" />

The top-level configBuilders element is the same tag-name as the section name from the previous code sample. This section contains a single element, builders that contains add, remove, and clear elements. You use the add element to define new ConfigurationBuilder implementations to use in this file.

The add element requires name and type attributes. The name attribute can be set to any value you would like and will be referenced using this name later in this configuration file. The type attribute value is the fully qualified name of the ConfigurationBuilder that you wish to use. In this case, we are referencing the IniConfigurationBuilder by using the full namespace for that class, followed by the assembly name the class resides in.

Different ConfigurationBuilders have different attribute requirements in order to use them. In this case, the location attribute is required in order to use the IniConfigurationBuilder. More information about how to use each of the ConfigurationBuilders is available on the Wiki

To load configuration into a section of your web.config or app.config file, you simply add an attribute to that section that indicates which ConfigurationBuilders to use.

<appSettings configBuilders="Ini">