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The ASP.NET Core Workshop

In January 2018, the live stream hit a total of 500 followers, and met the initial follower goal Jeff set. In return for meeting this goal, an ASP.NET Core 2.0 workshop was scheduled and would be hosted for approximately 8 hours on February 16, 2018 starting at 10am ET / 15:00 UTC. Add it to your calendar

The project we built during the workshop is the TripTracker project in my GitHub repository.

Sample view of the Live Stream


  • Is there a cost to attend the workshop?

    • Nope! Completely free... tune in whenever you would like on Twitch or Mixer
  • Do I need to buy Jeff's book to follow along?

    • Nope! No external materials are needed.
  • Can my colleagues tune in? Is there a limit to the number of viewers?

    • Bring all of your friends! It would be better if they each logged in to Twitch or Mixer individually, so that they can ask questions during the workshop
  • What content are you covering?

    • We will build a complete application using ASP.NET Core for tracking travel information.
  • Is this just Jeff presenting, or will there be guests during the workshop?

    • There will be guests! I've recruited a handful of .NET experts to help during the day:
      • Shayne Boyer
      • Julie Lerman
      • Jon Galloway
      • maybe one or two more
  • I can't watch all day, will I be able to watch the VOD or recording on YouTube?

    • I'm not sure about this one yet... I'd like the content to be available, but it is going to be a LOT of video.
  • What should I have installed in order to follow along with the workshop?

    • You should install the .NET SDK from and it's not required, but we recommend a Visual Studio with .NET Core features enabled:
    • At the end of the day we will be using Docker, so you should install those tools if you'd like to follow along.
  • Where can I learn more?

Tentative Schedule

Start Time Topic Guest
10am ET Get Started with dotnet new and our first API Shayne Boyer
11am ET Using a database with Entity Framework Core Julie Lerman
12pm ET QA break -
1pm ET Razor Pages Jon Galloway
2pm ET Authentication and Authorization Jon Galloway
3pm ET QA break -
4pm ET Reusable UI -
5pm ET Deployment Shayne Boyer
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