Frequently Asked Questions

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This collection of questions is used by the moderator bot to answer questions on stream

What language is Jeff speaking?

Jeff speaks English, with a Mid-Atlantic / Philadelphia accent.

What editor does Jeff use?

Jeff typically uses Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise edition, and sometimes uses Visual Studio Code

Which VS version do you use?

Jeff uses the Visual Studio Enterprise Edition, in preview mode. The preview is ALWAYS free to try:

What music is playing?

The music comes from Carl Franklin's Music to Code By and can also be found on the mobile app Music To Flow By

What language is Jeff coding in?

Jeff typically writes code in C# with ASP.NET Core. You will also find him regularly writing JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, and HTML.

Why does Jeff use Powershell to work with Git?

Powershell with the posh-git plugin gives extra insight into Git repositories. Information on the prompt and tab-completion of git commands are just some of the cool features of posh-git.

How many hats does Jeff own?

No one knows the real answer to this question, because his wife keeps discarding a different one each month and doesn't tell him. Just ask about his Philly.NET hat...

Where can I find Jeff's blog?

Jeff blogs at:

Where can I find training videos from Jeff?

Jeff has videos on Microsoft Virtual Academy -

Where can I catch Fritz videos?

All of Jeff's live stream videos are archived on YouTube at:

Where can I watch the 8-hour ASP.NET Core workshop?

The workshop is at

What is the machine you are using?

Jeff broadcasts with a Dell Precision Tower 3620 that has a Geforce GTX 1060 video card

When does Jeff stream?

Jeff streams regularly on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10am ET. Subscribe to his iCal at:

Where can I watch the C# workshop?

The C# workshop is available as a playlist on YouTube at:

Where can I watch the Architecture workshop?

The architecture workshop is available as a playlist on YouTube at:

What tool displays your keystrokes?

That is Carnac from the Code52 project:

What reloads the Bot knowledgebase?

Its a strange collection of WebHooks, Azure Functions, Spit, Gum, Duct Tape, and MacGyver's swiss army knife

What extensions do you use in Visual Studio Code? I use the following extensions:

  • C#
  • Discord Presence
  • EditorConfig for VS Code
  • Git Blame
  • Git History
  • GitHub Pull Requests
  • GitLens
  • Ionide-fsharp
  • JS Parameter Annotation
  • Paste JSON as Code
  • Settings Sync
  • Team Chat: for Slack, Discord, and Live Share
  • Visual Studio Intellicode
  • VS Live Share
  • VS Live Share Audio
  • VS Live Share Extension Pack
  • Whitespace
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