Command Line Bootcamp workshop materials for Code4Lib 2016
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Welcome to the Code4Lib 2016 Command Line Bootcamp

Before the workshop

Please get an account on Nitrous. It's free. It takes a few minutes--not very long, but you don't want to do it on the day of.

During the workshop

The slides are available here, and you can follow along with the commands from the slides and their output here.

Here (Google doc) is the list of questions and answers from the beginning of the workshop.

The three exercises we've prepared are geared toward archivists, catalogers, and web developers, but each exercise has useful tools for everyone. We hope to leave you time to do more than one. 😃

We welcome you to work through any of the exercises that seem interesting to you!


This workshop and all of the materials in it are sharable and reusable with attribution (CC-BY).

Note for people who would like to run this workshop

Nitrous isn't a thing anymore. There's at least one adapted version of this workshop using PythonAnywhere instead of Nitrous, if you'd like to see how that changes things. (Short version: the file structure is a little different, and wget doesn't work on links.)