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Separated sections of LevelUP.

Build Status

npm install sublevelup

SublevelUP is built by extending levelup with prefixdown, which means full compatibility with official LevelUP interface.

SublevelUP follows the same prefix encoding as level-sublevel. Also supports .sublevel() and options.prefix, which makes a drop-in replacement.

SublevelUP works with level-transactions, featuring in-memory locking mechanisms and isolations across sublevels.


Sublevel inherits methods of LevelUP plus following:

subdb = sublevel(db, [name], [options])

nested = subdb.sublevel(name, [options])

db is a LevelUP or SublevelUP instance returns nested sublevel under name.


batch() is an atomic operation that works across sublevels, by setting the prefix: subdb property.

var db = sublevel(levelup('./db'))
var a = db.sublevel('a')
var b = db.sublevel('b')

// batch from a
  { type: 'put', key: 'foo', value: 'a' },
  { type: 'put', key: 'foo', value: 'b', prefix: b }, //put into b
], function () {
  a.get('foo', function (err, val) { }) // val === 'a'
  b.get('foo', function (err, val) { }) // val === 'b'


Returns its base LevelUP instance.

var db = levelup('./db')
var subdb = sublevel(db)
var foo = subdb.sublevel('foo')
var fooBar = foo.sublevel('bar')

subdb.levelup() === db
foo.levelup() === db
fooBar.levelup() === db


SublevelUP encodes key prefix using ! padding with # separator. That means nested sublevels are also separated.

Sublevel prefix can be accessed via LevelUP's db.location property.

var level = require('level')
var sublevel = require('sublevelup')

//Key-prefix: passing LevelUP to Sublevel
var subdb = sublevel(level('./db'))

var hello = sublevel(subdb, 'hello')
var foo = db.sublevel('foo')
var fooBar = sublevel(foo, 'bar')
var fooBarBla = fooBar.sublevel('bla')

console.log(subdb.location) // !!
console.log(hello.location) // !hello!
console.log(foo.location) // !foo!
console.log(fooBar.location) // !foo#bar!
console.log(fooBarBla.location) // !foo#bar#bla!


It is possible to create custom codec for sublevel prefix or table name by passing options.prefixEncoding for encode/decode function, such as bytewise:

var level = require('level')
var sublevel = require('sublevelup')

var bytewise = require('bytewise-core')
var codec = {
  encode: function (arr) {
    return bytewise.encode(arr).toString('binary')
  decode: function (str) {
    return bytewise.decode(new Buffer(str, 'binary'))

//Key-prefix Sublevel with custom codec
var db = sublevel(level('./db'), { prefixEncoding: codec })