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My Git Goodies: Fast Git Shortcuts (based off GitGoodies)
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Git Goodies (gg)

Aliases and helpers for many git related tasks to speed up my workflow

Originally adapted from GitGoodies, my version has some different functions and generally focuses on speed.

There is still a lot TODO, i'll get around to it as I need it :)


Linux / MacOS

curl -fsSL | bash


gg » simple git aliases by Callum Silcock

gg s          | git status
gg ch <thing> | git checkout <thing>
gg pl         | git pull
gg cpr        | git checkout master && git pull && git checkout <currentBranch> && git rebase master
gg p          | git push
gg pf         | git push force
gg l          | git history oneline
gg lc         | git history latest commit
gg r <number> | git rebase HEAD~<number> -i
gg st         | add all files and stash
gg stp        | stash pop latest
gg clean      | delete local branches not on master
gg b <name>   | create and checkout branch <name>, if exists check it out
gg bd <name>  | delete branch
gg cf <scope> | git commit fixup <scope>
gg pr         | create new github pull request for current branch


All functions are in the one file, the gg bin


Unit testing using bats with support and assert libs

All tests are defined in the one file

🧔 Be sure to checkout my other repos and website / blog

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