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Fuzbolic Project: Path Constraint Classifier

Author: wombatwen ( Email:


This repository provides the implementation of Path Constraint Classifier (PCC), which is a novel symbolic execution module to support solver selection functionality. Given a set of path constraint, PCC will predict a fatest solver according the characteristics of the input path constraint.

Usage & Simple Example

Please take a look of the tutorial scripts in the ./tutorial directory. It will tell you how to perform PCC to:

  • Extract path constraint features
  • Evaluate solver performance
  • Generate machine learning data for training / testing
  • Train and test the performance of a model

To reproduce the experiment results in the thesis, please take a look at the script in script/ExpUtils.


Main Components:

  • Feature Extractor (feature.FeatureExtractor)
  • Constraint Feature Cache (feature.FeatureCacheManager)
  • Machine Learning Module (Implement in each model in ./model. E.g.,
  • Solver Selection Interface/Module (model.ModelManager.ModelManager)
  • Classifier: Not explicitly implemented, but one can use model.test() to perform similar operation. E.g. DNNModel.test()


  • FeatureProcessor (feature.FeatureProcessor): Normalize the numeric value of features to avoid training failure.
  • SolverEvaluator (evalueate.SolverEvaluator)
  • AnswerEvaluator (evaluate.AnswerEvaluator)
  • PredictionEvaluator (evaluate.PredicitonEvaluator)
  • DataPartitioner (partition.DataPartitioner and partition.DataGrouper)
  • DataCombiner (combine.DataCombiner)

Implementation Details

To be continue.


To be continue.

Futrue Work

  • Data and Solvers
    • Collect more symbolic data (more binaries)
    • Import more SMT solvers
  • Machine Learning
    • Feature engineering / minimization (Dominating features)
    • Model design and training a. More DNN Layer? b. Better loss function?
  • Integrate to an exisiting symbolic execution engine
    • Angr or KLEE?
  • Solving Procedure Design
    • Backup Solver: More backup solver to use?
  • Logic Selection
  • Other Optimization


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