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Hierarchical neural-net interpretations (ACD) 🧠

Produces hierarchical interpretations for a single prediction made by a pytorch neural network. Official code for Hierarchical interpretations for neural network predictions (ICLR 2019 pdf).

DocumentationDemo notebooks

Note: this repo is actively maintained. For any questions please file an issue.


  • installation: pip install acd (or clone and run python install)
  • examples: the reproduce_figs folder has notebooks with many demos
  • src: the acd folder contains the source for the method implementation
  • allows for different types of interpretations by changing hyperparameters (explained in examples)
  • all required data/models/code for reproducing are included in the dsets folder
Inspecting NLP sentiment models Detecting adversarial examples Analyzing imagenet models

notes on using ACD on your own data

  • the current CD implementation often works out-of-the box, especially for networks built on common layers, such as alexnet/vgg/resnet. However, if you have custom layers or layers not accessible in net.modules(), you may need to write a custom function to iterate through some layers of your network (for examples see
  • to use baselines such build-up and occlusion, replace the pred_ims function by a function, which gets predictions from your model given a batch of examples.

related work

  • CDEP (ICML 2020 pdf, github) - penalizes CD / ACD scores during training to make models generalize better
  • TRIM (ICLR 2020 workshop pdf, github) - using simple reparameterizations, allows for calculating disentangled importances to transformations of the input (e.g. assigning importances to different frequencies)
  • PDR framework (PNAS 2019 pdf) - an overarching framewwork for guiding and framing interpretable machine learning
  • DAC (arXiv 2019 pdf, github) - finds disentangled interpretations for random forests
  • Baseline interpretability methods - the file scores/ also contains simple pytorch implementations of integrated gradients and the simple interpration technique gradient * input


  • feel free to use/share this code openly
  • if you find this code useful for your research, please cite the following:
   title={Hierarchical interpretations for neural network predictions},
   author={Chandan Singh and W. James Murdoch and Bin Yu},
   booktitle={International Conference on Learning Representations},