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Getting Started

Welcome to the Bearded-Avenger Deployment Kit! This Kit will help you get CIFv3 up and running using the latest stable release using a combination of bash and ansible.

Ubuntu 16 LTS is the operating system in which CIFv3 is developed against and is the most commonly used. RHEL7/CentOS7 are the second most common platforms used by the community, but lags in community support. If you run into a problem, be sure to first checkout:

Before You Dive Straight In

the EasyButton (~10min)

  1. pull the latest release of the DeploymentKit

  2. bash the easy-button

    $ tar -zxvf bearded-avenger-deploymentkit-3.0.x.tar.gz
    $ cd bearded-avenger-deploymentkit-3.0.x
    $ sudo bash easybutton.sh
    $ sudo su - cif
    $ cif -p
  3. Your userspace tokens will be set here: ~/.cif.yml and ~/.cifrc

  4. Create an API token on CSIRTG and add it to /etc/cif/rules/csirtg.yml [optional, gets you free access to more data]

  5. csirtg-smrt will take ~5min to start running after initial install is complete, and a few more minutes there-after to do it's initial processing run. After ~15 to 20min, test for data by running:

    $ sudo su - cif
    $ cif --itype ipv4 --tags scanner -d

    If no data is returned, check the logs to make sure everything is running properly:

    $ sudo journalctl -fu csirtg-smrt*
    $ sudo journalctl -fu cif-router*

    Need more help? Check out the FAQ Page.

  6. Now on to Where do I start?


                                                               ^        +
                                                               |        |
                                                               +        v
csirtg-smrt +--> cifsdk  +--------->  cif-httpd +------------> cif-router +-----> cif-store +-----> elasticsearch
                                           ^                   |        ^
                                           |                   |        |
                                           |                   v        +
                                           |                   cif-hunter

Fine Print

bleeding-edge style distro's (eg: release cycles less than 18-24months, Fedora, non-LTS-release ubuntu, etc...) are highly discouraged and are generally not supported. THIS INCLUDES 'DESKTOP' distro's that have a 'SERVER' counterpart unless you have giant truck-loads of cash. then we'll consider it... maybe.

Reference: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/ci-framework/2A8Hhv9WG-g

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