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Getting Started

Do NOT try to install from the master repo.

For installation instructions and various unix distribution guides, use the DeploymentKit.

Getting Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the project. If you have a new and exciting feature, or even a simple bugfix, simply fork the repo, create some simple test cases, generate a pull-request and give yourself credit!

If you've never worked on a GitHub project, this is a good piece for getting started.


                                                               ^        +
                                                               |        |
                                                               +        v
csirtg-smrt +--> cifsdk  +--------->  cif-httpd +------------> cif-router +-----> cif-store +-----> elasticsearch
                                           ^                   |        ^
                                           |                   |        |
                                           |                   v        +
                                           |                   cif-hunter

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