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Revision history for cif-v1
v1.0.4 2015-01-26
- fixed:
v1.0.3 2014-07-26
- fixed default sorting for bin/cif
- bugfix to domain/malware feed indexer
- bugfix to spamhaus-ip post procesor
- bugfix:
- docfix: libcif/bin/cif
- debfix: spamhaus-dbl
- bugfix: [rtkpmcalpine]
- depfix: net-dns
- bugfix: [zods]
v1.0.2 2014-02-09
- fixed #60 (logged searches), requres ALTER TABLE search (see libcif-dbi/schemas/Pg/search.sql)
- fixed #61 (apache2 hangs on bare metal with many cores)
- fixed #62 (search feed generation)
- fixed #63 (search prefix bug created by #61)
- fixed small bug with cif_feed limit handling
- fixed #64 (asn/rir/cc lookups failing)
v1.0.1 2013-11-19
- migrated all submodules into main tree (cleaner dev/forking)
- cleaned up Net::DNS::Match, cif-v1 now requires [Net::DNS::Match v0.05](
- migrated all submodules into main tree (cleaner dev/forking)
- **cif-v1-v1.0.1.tar.gz** is the server instance, which includes libcif
- **libcif-v1.0.1.tar.gz** is the client side lib's if you need access from a different instance
- server install instructions are [here](
- fixes
- bugfix to wrt protocol/
- bugfix to -G flag
- various feed search bugfixes
- bugfix to build
- fixed:
- bugfix to cif_apikeys when deleting specific keys
- bugfix to domain whitelisting, requires Net::DNS::Match v0.05
- various feed search bugfixes
- bugfixes to feed retention code
- bugfix to rules [drg]
- bugfix to goback flag
- added a 'prefetch' execution flag
- removed mpatrol as a default feed, new business model, set as example.
- bugfix to ParseJson
- fixed:
- fixed: (ParseJson)
- bugfix to protocol version check
v1.0.0 2013-08-30
- added send_keypairs function
- bugfix to bin/cif
- merged asn, cc and rir plugins back into libcif-dbi
- bugfix to cif_apikeys
- bugfix to how mutex's are handled (using unlink)
- dep fix for net-abuse-utils
- bugfix to ParseCifFeed for federated sharing
- mutex fix for cif_crontool
- fixed
- fixed
- fixed
- fixed
- memory management enhancements
- [security] fixed bug in authorized_write function
v1.0.0-rc.4 2013-07-10
- misc bugfixes
- added upgrade scripts, minor tweaks to support
- misc bugfixes
- misc bugfixes to parser code (xml)
- misc bugfixes to proxy code for HTTP GETs
- added address_mask keyword upstream (iodef-pb-simple)
- misc rules cleanup
- misc bugfixes
v0.99-RC3 2013-05
- swiched bin/cif to use env instead of /usr/bin/perl (better for other UNIX's)
- added no_decode and new_only flags to client (see doc)
- added JSON STDIN support (for calling from cmdline or other langs)
- added exclude_assessment filter flag to client (see doc)
- repurposed -p 'raw' from json to native array struct
- misc other fixes
- misc doc fixes to cmd line tools
- added rename function to cif_apikeys
- security fix to uuid-specific lookup
- improved make purgedb arguments (from DELETE to TRUNCATE)
- fixed spam and spamvirtising schemas
- misc regex fixes
- added make rebuilddb command that rebuilds all schemas with the exception of apikeys and groups
- changed default feed retention policies
- fixes to RelatedActivity and AlternativeID via the IODEF spec
- fixes to the "fail open" flags
- cleaned up ParseXML code
- [ahoying] cleaned up to ParseRSS code []
- added carboncopy features (along with multi-iodef array responses from iodef-pb-simple)
- pushed "sharewith" / "carboncopy" down to iodef-pb-simple
- [akreffett] cleaned up http proxy support []
- added LWPx::ParanoidAgent support (better timeout support if a feed pull get stuck)
- whitelist urls bugfix
- minor response fixes
- throttling option for larger data-sets when someone wants to use the legacy api
- json output cleanup
- minor installation fixes
v0.99-RC2 2013-01
- bugfix to whitelist_urls
- bugfixes to the way cif-router and libcif handle default limits
- added Text-CSV dep check
- bugfix to arcinve/plug../infra
- updates to sbin/test-dep...
- bugfixes to dns resolver api
- merged everything under the cif-v1 tree in github (cif-router, etc are all submodules)
- cleaned up the installer as one automake "meta installer"
- [libcif-dbi] split out asn, cc and rir support as non-default options (save space)
- [cif-router] added legacy JSON keypair query/submission support (on by default)
- cleaned up some of the configs
- [cif-smrt] added proxy support
- [cif-smrt] re-mapped detecttime to reporttime (more accurate)
- [cif-test-framework] added to do basic i/o tests for new installations
- [libcif] re-factored the client a bit, more plugabble for various query / transport types
- [libcif] back-ported the 'advanced config' from cif-v0
- [libcif] re-factored and added to the debug / logging functions
- [rt-cifminimal] updated to work with cif-v1
- other various performance enhancements
v0.99-RC1 2012-10
- renamed cif-perl to libcif
- renamed cif-dbi-perl to libcif-dbi
- merged cif-client to libcif
- libcif now provides (implements) cif-protocol
- libcif now provides HTTP transport
- renamed cif-router-perl to cif-router
- renamed cif-smrt-perl to cif-smrt
- misc bugfixes to cif-smrt
- migrated Iodef::Pb to be auto-generated and implemented in Iodef::Pb::Simple
- added simple access control to feed data-types (eg: domain, infrastructure, malware) based on apikey (eg: key can only access one of the feeds if you allow it, no query)
v0.99-B3 2012-08
- re-architected cif-smrt for better memory + thread support via ZeroMQ
- merged cif_analytics into cif-smrt as "postprocessors", disabled by default, enabled by use of the '-P' flag in cif_smrt
- improved feed generation support
- removed direct "dbi" database integration, now uses submission support in cif-client and cif-router
- added submission support to cif-router
- added key expiration to cif-router / cif-apikeys
v0.99-B2 2012-07
- re-architected how feeds are generated (enabled only)
- re-architected how ip-addresses are index'd (removed strict postgres dep)
v0.99-B1 2012-05
- Moved from JSON to Google Protocol Buffers (protobuf)
- added compression (compress-snappy)
- enabled remote database connectivity
- split out:
- cif-perl (core cif messaging protocol)
- cif-dbi-perl (core database interface)
- cif-smrt (formally cif_feedparser)
- cif-router (formally CIF::WebAPI)
- turned cif-router into a driver framework (eg: HTTP, ZeroMQ are just plugins and can be swapped out)
- simplified the CIF::Router api (removed severity and restriction from the api)
- simplified the query data model, most things are now just sha1 hash lookups (with the exception of ipv4/6 addresses)
- less "index" tables to swap in and out of memory, faster lookups, ip-addr's will follow in upcoming beta's