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Supporting the Project

Getting value from the project? Is it saving you time and money? Did you LEARN something useful at your job? For less than you're weekly coffee bill, it's an investment in you and your career!

Using CIF could help you detect/mitigate 100 infections a year. If the average cost of a cleanup is $1,000 (time, resources, sensitive data), that's a savings of $100,000 a annually.

  • $99/month subscription results in an 8,999% annual return on your investment
  • $9/month subscription results in a 90,000% annual return on your investment

In larger networks, the number of infections is usually much larger and the average cleanup costs much higher. As they grow, so does the rate of return.. exponentially. By using CIF to help mitigate threats on your network, you can re-allocate time and resources to more advanced threats, projects... fun.

Let us help you mitigate threats on your network- You spend more on coffee and interns.


Getting Started

This will help you get CIFv4 up and running using the latest stable release using a combination of bash and ansible.

Ubuntu 16 LTS is the operating system in which CIFv4 is developed against and is the most commonly used. If you run into a problem, be sure to first checkout:

Before You Dive Straight In


$ docker pull csirtgadgets/verbose-robot
$ export CIF_TOKEN=`head -n 25000 /dev/urandom | openssl dgst -sha256`
$ docker run -e CIF_TOKEN="${CIF_TOKEN}" -it -d -p 5000:5000 --name verbose-robot csirtgadgets/verbose-robot
$ docker exec -it verbose-robot /bin/bash
$ cif -d -p


                                                               ^        +
                                                               |        |
                                                               +        v
csirtg-fm +--> cifsdk  +--------->  cif-httpd +------------> cif-router +-----> cif-store +-----> sqlite
                                           ^                   |        ^
                                           |                   |        |
                                           |                   v        +
                                           |                   cif-hunter

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