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The source code of my website

The live version could be found at

Some not too interesting tidbits:

  • I have now ditched Bootstrap in favor of Flex, which makes the site much lighter (and probably not compatible with older and/or bizarre browsers too - sorry IE9, Safari and Opera 12 users)
  • Used Inkscape for the vector graphics and accordingly, ditched all the PNGs in favor of SVGs
  • The SVG animations are "handmade" (which means the timing and all that crap is done by trial&error), and had to use a stupid "duplicate inline svg paths" trick to animate dashed lines)
  • Uses mostly jQuery for the DOM manipulation (might as well ditch it in favor of vanilla JS/ES6 once I find the time)
  • I have found the viewport check code laying in my code-snippets folder, so only God knows who made it
  • The remarkably sophisticated random bubbling "effect" in the header was made by me
  • The extraordinarily exciting "design" was made also by me
  • So far, only tested Chrome and Firefox (Linux/Debian versions) and Edge
  • Used VSC for putting the code together
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