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A Commodore 64 & Commodore Plus/4 pixel editor made in HTML5/JS
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Pixelite v0.1.4

A Commodore 64 & Commodore Plus/4 pixel editor made in HTML5/JS

Thanks for Andreas "JackAsser" Larsson for the idea ;)


A pixel editor for creating Commodore 64 and Commodore Plus/4 hires images (320x200px, 2 possible colors per 8x8 char area). Still a lot to do!

Note: doesn't work on Firefox yet, only tested on Chrome (it should also work on webkit derivates like Opera or Vivaldi)

  • grid (character indicator overlay is functioning, though)
  • hires and multicolor graphics modes
  • hires and multicolor color clash handling
  • undo TODO: may be a bit buggy (not a bug actually, but undo state is saved even when putting down a pixel with the same exact color). Refactor, and limit buffer states
  • redo (?)
  • bigger canvas than 320x200
  • confirm on clearing screen
  • preview window locator overlay TODO: draggable preview window locator
  • better zoom handling
  • import/export
  • ditherbrush functionality TODO: invert brush, more brushes
  • change color under cursor
  • copy/paste blocks
  • clear a block with selected color
  • color picker
  • (configurable) keyboard shortcuts
  • brush editor
  • Commodore Plus/4 palette
  • ZX Spectrum palette/resolution/color handling
  • Edge fixes (currently only tested on Chrome and Firefox)


  • Move main canvas with cursor buttons
  • Drag any window to move
  • Click on preview window to activate (currently this has no use, will be refactored)
  • Zoom in/out activated preview with mousewheel (currently this has no use, will be refactored)
  • Save with clicking on the floppy icon (the image will be opened in a new tab)
  • Undo shortcut: ctrl+z
  • Brush shortcut: b
  • Canvas dimensions must be divisible by 8, otherwise the numbers will be rounded

Running locally

Since Chrome has a cross-origin issue if index.html is simply loaded into the browser, the best way to running the app locally is to run it in a server. For me, the easiest way was to install to run NodeJS's http-server and run it from the root of the project. So something like this, assuming NodeJS (and npm) is already installed:

npm install http-server -g
cd /home/Projects/pixelate
http-server ./



  • Everything works as intended in Firefox as well
  • Preview window locator overlay
  • Plus/4 palette fix (thanks iszell!)


  • Multipalette function
  • Plus/4 palette added, more palettes could be added by editing (and compiling) palettes.js
  • Canvas resize (make sure your new canvas dimensions are divisible by 8, otherwise it will be rounded to the nearest number divisible by 8)
  • Bugfix: preview window wasn't updating on undo
  • Confirmation dialogs added for clearing and resizing the canvas


  • A quite fast and memory friendly undo feature (invoked by pressing key combinations ctrl+z)
  • Brush shortcut (invoked by pressing key B)


  • Disabled context menu, ie. right click
  • Added secondary color which could be invoked by right click
  • Force save by clicking on a floppy icon (image opens in new tab)
  • Small fixes


  • First considerable, actually useful release
  • Added dither brush support
  • Refactoring/code cleanup, commenting
  • Added warning message before closing tab
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