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Computer Society of India - VIT University

When we build, it matters.

Computer Society of India - Vellore Branch

When we build, it matters.

We are the largest association of computer professionals in India, composed of skilled designers, developers, and tech enthusiasts. Our workshops, conferences, events, and competitions drive technological innovation.

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  1. ctf-challenges ctf-challenges Public

    An aggregation of CTF challenges and write-ups for csictf 2020!

    JavaScript 49 9

  2. code-executor code-executor Public

    A CLI/library to execute code against test cases in various languages and obtain relevant results. 🚀

    TypeScript 15 2

  3. CTF-Write-ups CTF-Write-ups Public

    Write-ups for CTF challenges.

    Python 18 2

  4. bl0b bl0b Public

    A Discord bot to notify about upcoming CTFs, scores, ranks, and more.

    Go 1 1

  5. pls.give pls.give Public

    A discord utility bot written in Rust used for shortening links, scheduling meetings, etc.


  6. CCS-Frontend-2022 CCS-Frontend-2022 Public

    Recruitment Portal for Core Committee Selections 2022

    JavaScript 4 4


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