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@cskardon cskardon released this Jan 31, 2019

This is the version 1.0.0 release, containing functionality allowing you to execute Cypher from within Neo4j.

To use!

  1. Copy to your <user>/Documents/Power BI Desktop/Custom Connectors folder
    (if you don't have that folder - create it!)
  2. Allow Power BI to see the connector
  • Open Power BI
  • Go to File -> Options and Settings -> Options
  • Select 'Security' from the left hand side bar
  • In the 'Data Extensions' section, select:
    • (Not Recommended) Allow any extension to load without validation or warning
  • Say OK
  • Close and restart Power BI
  1. Press Get Data and choose Neo4j

From here on in it's hopefully self explanatory - but, there will be a blog detailing it better later on.

Obviously, you can also use it in M by:

    output = Neo4j.ExecuteCypher("CYPHER", "scheme", "address", "port")

NB. If you leave scheme/address and port as null you will get the defaults of:
scheme: http
address: localhost
port: 7474

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