An application that will index your gmail account into elasticsearch. Used to get to know Prometheus
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An application that will index your gmail account into elasticsearch, and record metrics into Prometheus. NOTE: This is just a demo app, you will definitely want a more unique code than "woot" when verifying oauth responses.


  • Setup a GMail Oauth client by following the instructions here.
  • Export your client id and client secret $ export GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID=<> $ export GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET=<your-client-secret>
  • run $ docker-compose up
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8080
  • Click "Index GMail Account" and allow our client
  • After clicking "Allow" the indexing will begin and may take awhile depending on how many emails are in your account

Viewing metrics

You can access Prometheus at http://localhost:9090 and Grafana at http://localhost:3000 in order to setup graphs and dashboards to see some metrics. All elasticsearch metrics are exported using justwatchcom/elasticsearch_exported, and some interesting histograms gmail-scraper exports are:

  • email_scraper_get_email_seconds_bucket - how long it takes to retrieve an email from GMail
  • email_scraper_get_id_seconds_bucket - how long it takes to retrieve a page (100) email ids from GMail
  • email_scraper_index_email_seconds_bucket - how long it takes to index a document into elasticsearch
  • Since these are histograms, instead of _bucket there are also
    • _count to view number of requests
    • _sum to view total time spent doing each operation