Manage, tweak and customise Fedora Workstation with Ansible (and apply Korora settings by default).
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This is an attempt at an Ansible role to apply Korora tweaks to a
regular Fedora system.

Initially this only supports GNOME, so it's recommended to run this on top of
a regular Fedora Workstation install.

There is an example Ansible play which uses this role here:
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Ansible Role: Korora

Manage, tweak and customise your Fedora Workstation with Ansible. This role applies the Korora (my Fedora Remix) settings by default, but you can customise these to your liking.

Fedora Workstation


The target machine should be running a supported version of Fedora (28 onwards).

Role Variables

Currently, this role only configures Fedora for the GNOME desktop. Over time this role might support other desktops, but for now it expects stock install of Fedora Workstation.

While you can override the default variables in this role, there are also some matching custom variables which let you do your own thing without changing the defaults.

  • korora_copr_repos_custom
  • korora_firewall_custom
  • korora_packages_custom
  • korora_services_custom



Example Playbook

You can run this playbook against localhost or remote machines.

The separate Korora Ansible repo has a sample inventory file and site playbook to call the role.

Here is an example hosts.yml inventory file in YAML format for localhost, which also sets additional parameters to manage extra packages.

      ansible_connection: local
          - mutt
          - evolution
    ansible_python_interpreter: /usr/bin/python3

Execute the play like so.

ansible-playbook --inventory ./inventory/hosts.yml korora.yml --ask-become-pass



Author Information

Chris Smart