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It's a remix of Fedora (KDE) with extras to make the system "just work" out of the box for end users.

The full power of Fedora, tweaked.

New users, Ubuntuists, Kororaa devotees and lazy Fedoralites.

Is Kororaa (and Fedora) for you? Maybe not. Read below to see what it aims to achieve and if that sounds good, then give it a try!

Kororaa has been born again as a remix of Fedora. Fedora is a great operating system, which takes the best of free software. It's also often leading the charge, improving free software and works closely with upstream projects (many Red Hat employees are paid to work on free software projects). I like Red Hat, I like Fedora. Due to its strict adherance to free software principles however, it's often not seen to be as "user friendly" as other distros. I'd like to change this by creating a re-mix of Fedora that gives end users what (I think) they want. 

* To provide all general computing uses out of the box (web, chat, microblogging, email, office, etc).
* The Live CD should provide be pretty complete system - as close to a full normal (tweaked) install as possible, without cutting out too much stuff.
* To play all your media out of the box (using free software).
* To browse flash sites on the web (might need Ubufox type automation).
* Specific apps for tasks without a lot of cruft - hard without split KDE packages :-(
* Make KDE (feel) more snappy (remove log out sounds, up graphics effects speed, etc).
* Support as much hardware as possible, out of the box (should this mean staging drivers?).
* Provide simple means to getting support (html page explaining various support mechanisms, with links?).
* Provide howtos, guides, on how to use the system.

Please provide any feedback you have on how I can improve Kororaa. I am trying to keep it as lean as possible, so there might be important apps missing, or you might have some ideas on what to remove/include. Thanks!

Branding requirements:
Must use "Fedora Remix" ( and cannot separate "Fedora" and "Remix"
Cannot use phrases like:
    * "built from Fedora"
    * "powered by Fedora"
    * "contains Fedora" 
Must remove fedora-logos, fedora-release, and fedora-release-notes (replace these with generic, or my own)

Must have a prominently displayed notice (website and README) at the point of dissemination, indicating that:
    * the software provided is not provided or supported by the Fedora Project, and
    * official, unmodified Fedora software is available through the Fedora Project website (

General inclusions:
*DONE* RPMFusion enabled
*DONE* Google Chrome repo?
*DONE* Flash repo?
*DONE* AtRPMs/livna (libdvdcss)
*DONE* Yum rawhide with "autoremove" feature
*DONE* VirtualBox guest FOSS drivers by default (akmod-VirtualBox-OSE)
*DONE* Xine and Gstreamer extras, so no-matter the backend, it works
*DONE* Staging drivers and firmware (isight?)
Chromium web browser?
Firefox4? (
Help shortcut on desktop:
 * Where to get help
 * Getting started guide
 * Install
 * That "extras" installer thing (for flash, etc)
*DONE* English (Australian) dictionaries
*DONE* Firefox Plasma notify, xclear, download statusbar, adblock plus
*DONE* Firefox Flashblock addon - probably worthwhile to help reduce risk, but might be confusing ("why doesn't flash work?")
*DONE* (KDE already has) Proper networkmanager plasmoid?
Printing stack, so it all just works when you plug something in
*DONE* Choqok
DVD ripper (or just K3b)?
iPod/iPhone support?

#System changes
Configure common tasks to not require root, such as disabling the firewall, etc?
Firewall on? (if so, add SSH, samba, cups, bt, and all common protocols through? Common tasks should just work)
*DONE* SELinux ENabled (important for flash)
*DONE* Tweak yum to not also refresh, or refresh less often (use yum-updatesd)
Configure sudo for users in wheel group?
Set NetworkManager to start network on boot by default (wireless obviously needs configuration, but DHCP wired works)

#KDE changes (set this up and copy across to /etc/skel/.kde)
VLC by default, set as default media player in KDE
Konqueror to Webkit backend
Add/Remove software added to KDE Favourites
Software updates in KDE Favourites (set to auto update daily)
Enable spelling
Set default browser to Firefox
Set Konqueror (HTML) to Webkit
Set VLC to default media player
Add to dock: Firefox, choqok, kopete
Add twitter/ plasmoid to desktop?
Add KPackage kit to favourites
Add "Control Centre" to Favourites (see "create" below)
Remove Fedora system tools from menus? (make cleaner)
Make KDE more snappy, remove log out sounds, up graphics effects speed, etc
Set key shortcuts (like calc, etc)

#Things to create
"Control panel" for shortcuts to Fedora system tools (Firewall, etc)
Desktop app for installing 3rd party addons (like autoten)
Ubufox for Fedora? So that we can nicely install Adobe flash (
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