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Git hooks for OpenStack development


This hook may be useful in helping you to run tox tests and scripts before the local commit is made. This way we can save everyone time by fixing simple issues before they break in the check-pipeline.

The hook also runs when fixing up a commit with git commit --amend (note that git does not run pre-commit when doing an interactive rebase).

All prompts default to no, so you can easily just hit enter to skip and continue (but still be reminded).


To install, clone this openstack-git-hooks git repository somewhere. For example, into your home directory:

git clone git:// ~/openstack-git-hooks

Go into the .git/hooks directory of an existing OpenStack project that you have already cloned somewhere. For example, perhaps openstack-ansible in your home directory:

cd ~/openstack-ansible/.git/hooks

Create a symlink from the pre-commit file in the freshly cloned openstack-git-hooks repo to pre-commit in your OpenStack project repo. For example:

ln -s ~/openstack-git-hooks/pre-commit
cd ~/openstack-ansible

That's it!

You can repeat this for any other OpenStack repos you want and they will all use the same pre-commit script. This way you can modify it and have the change reflected across all of your projects.

Note that the pre-commit script in the openstack-git-hooks repo should already be executable, but if not then you will need to make it so. For example:

chmod u+x ~/openstack-git-hooks/pre-commit


Just run git commit as you normally would, for example:

git commit -a


The pre-commit hook detects whether there are actually any staged files to commit (it ignores untracked files). If there are, it presents a simple prompt to ask whether you want to run tests or scripts at all. If you say no (or just hit enter) then the script will exit and skip all further prompts (this is the default).

Run some tests or scripts? [y/N]: 

If you say yes the script will then prompt for guides, tests and scripts.

Firstly, if it looks like you are working on manuals then it will prompt for a comma separated list of any guides that you want to build (enter to skip).

Enter any guides to build, e.g.: contributor-guide, install-guide

Next the script checks the types of files to be committed and prompts if you want to run specific tox tests (these are stored in a dictionary in the script and easily modifiable to suit your needs).

If the test is not found in the tox.ini of this specific OpenStack project, then it is skipped.

For example:

  • If Python (.py) files are detected, it prompts to run specific tests such as pep8, py27 and py34.
Found py files in the commit, run tests:
	tox -e pep8? [y/N]: 
	Test py27 not found in tox.ini, skipping.
	Test py34 not found in tox.ini, skipping.
  • If ReStructuredText (.rst) files are detected, it prompts to run the docs test.
Found rst files in the commit, run tests:
	tox -e docs? [y/N]: 
  • If YAML (.yml) files are detected, it prompts to run the linters test.
Found yml files in the commit, run tests:
	tox -e linters? [y/N]: 

Next, it prompts you for a comma separated list of any other tox tests that you want to run (enter skips).

Enter any additional tox tests e.g.: functional, releasenotes

Finally, it prompts you for a comma separated list of any scripts that you want to run.

Enter any scripts e.g.:, ~/

If any of the guides, tests or scripts fail, then the commit is aborted.

Skipping tests

All prompts and tests are skipped if the SKIP_TESTS variable is set to something. It can be anything, like yes. For example:

SKIP_TESTS=yes git commit -a

Or use the standard git way, for example:

git commit --no-verify -a


Debugging (set -x) is enabled if the DEBUG variable is set to something. It can be anything, like yes. For example:

DEBUG=yes git commit -a


Please send me your feedback, I'm keen to know if this is helpful and how it can be improved. Thanks!


Git hooks for working on OpenStack



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