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Institution data cleansing and name resolution

We use Microsoft Academic Graph for cleaning institution names and aliases.

The result of the process described below are stored in inst_fullname.csv (containing names, urls and wikipedia urls), and inst_alias.csv (containing mappings of multiple surfaces strings to a single institution as described in item 1 below).

1) Searching Aliases (using MAG interpret api)

e.g. (Searching name for a key)

aalto university --> aalto university
aalto university school of business --> aalto university
aalto university school of electrical engineering --> aalto university
aalto university school of science --> aalto university

We found 6231 keys from 6245 institution names (Updated 11/July/2019)

type count
name == key (primary name) 6231
name != key (alias name) 14
unregistered name 0

Common Error Types

  1. Different key values for aliases


at t --> at t
at t labs --> at t labs

auburn university --> auburn university
auburn university at montgomery --> auburn university at montgomery

current solution: rely on MAG result as it is.

  1. Alias not registered or unrecognisable


No result: department of systems biology
No result: school of industrial technology

current solution: use the name as a key

2) Finding Fullname and URL of the institution (using MAG raw data)

Affiliations.txt has (key, fullname, grid, url, wikipedia_url) tuples.

$ cut -f3,4,5,6,7 Affiliations.txt > inst_fullname
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