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C-Reduce TODO list:
make a distribution using CDE
make it again possible to run just selected passes
add regression tests
optionally, keep stats about fast vs. slow tests
exploit early-exit from delta test to speed this up
keep per-pass statistic on the probability of requiring the slow test
invert this to decide how many fast tests to run in a row
need to keep checkpoints of reducer state + file
factor timeout out of test script: creduce can supply a timeout
decrease it as the test starts to run faster
support testcase obfuscation better
clang_delta TODO list:
replace for-loops with expressions guessed from initializers
guess that it executes 0 and 1 times
reduce the indirect level of struct member accesses
s.f1.f2.f3 => s.f1.f2 or s.f2.f3
Note that to do these kinds of simplification, we also need to
change struct declarations appropriately.
change string literals
change operators to other operators, e.g., replace / with +
rename enumerate types
typedef expansion
- add supports to C++ specific features
* simplify class names
* remove namespace
* simplify template stuff
* rename class member functions to m_fn1 ...
* rename class member variables to m_a, m_b ...
* seems simple-inliner doesn't work with class member functions,
need to fix it or add a CXX-specific inlining pass
* reduce the level of class inheritance
- (low priority) format string reductions:
* remove anything that's not a %d or whatever from the format string
* remove a %d directive and also the corresponding argument from a printf
- constant folding
- (low priority) constant-propagation
- (low priority) replace peephole passes in c_reduce
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