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A straight conversion of Dijit's Claro theme from LESS to Stylus.

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Dijit Claro Stylus Conversion

This repository contains a straight port of Dijit's Claro theme (as of Dojo version 1.7.2) from LESS to Stylus.

To generate the CSS resources, install Stylus (e.g. using NPM), then within the directory this repository was cloned to, run...

stylus . form layout

This was quickly tested using dijit/themes/themeTester.html, and results of the CSS compilation were verified via diff against the OOTB CSS exported from LESS. The majority of differences were blank lines, line breaks between multiple selectors, and a few off-by-one differences from BIFs such as saturate, lighten, and darken.

The only noticeable difference was in the result of 2 calculations for disabled textbox/textarea styles for WebKit in form/Common.css, which have been tweaked to be more in line with their appearance in other browsers.

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