@kunstmusik kunstmusik released this Nov 24, 2016 · 3098 commits to develop since this release

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As usual there are a number of opcode fixes and improvements, but the
major changes are in the language structures. First the score language
has all-new treatment of macros and preprocessing, bringing it in line
with those of the orchestra. The parsing of the orchestra has had a
number of fixes as outlined below.

A major, and not totally compatible change as been made in reading and
writing array elements. The rate of the index now often determines
the time of processing; check the entry below under Orchestra. This
simplifies much code and seems to capture expectations; the earlier ad
hoc code had many anomalies.

Also as usual there are a number of new opcodes and internal fixes
to memory leaks and more robust code.

-- The Developers


New opcodes

  • dct -- Discrete Cosine Transform of a sample array (type-II DCT)
  • getftargs -- copy arguments of a gen to an S-variable
  • mfb -- implements a mel-frequency filter-bank for an array of input

New Gen and Macros

  • quadbezier -- generating Bezier curves in a table


  • The character ¬ is now correctly treated as a variant of ~ for bitwise not
  • Lexing bug which could corrupt strings fixed
  • Ensure no newlines in string-lexing
  • Small improvement in reported line numbers
  • Better checking of macro syntax
  • Improved parsing of setting of labels
  • Added error handling for unmatched brackets for UDO arg specification
  • Check that #included file is not a directory
  • Deeply nested macro calls better policed
  • For years Csound has fixed the pitch of A4 at 440Hz. Now this can be set in the header using the new r-variable A4, and also read with that variable
  • Floating point values can use e or E for exponent
  • Array access semantics have been clarified:
    • i[i] => reading at i-time and perf-time, writing at i-time
    • i[k] => reading at perf-time, writing yields a runtime error
    • k[i], k[k] => reading at perf-time, writing at perf-time
    • a[i], a[k] => reading at perf-time, writing at perf-time
    • other (S[], f[]) => reading and writing according to index type (i,k).

In particular, i(k[i]) will continue not to work, as before, but the new operator
i(k[],i) is provided to cover this case.

  • xout validation no longer fails when constants are given


  • New code to handle macros and other preprocessor commands. Brings it
    into line with orchestra code
  • New score opcode C introduced as a way of switching automatic carry off (C 0)
    or on (default) (C 1)


  • The tempo setting can now be a floating point value (previously fixed to integer)
  • New option --version prints version information and exits

Modified Opcodes and Gens

  • Problems in centroid fixed.
  • Better treatment of rounding in printks
  • OSC extended to include multicast
  • Faust opcodes brought up to date with faust
  • oscil1 and oscili can take a negative duration
  • fout opcode documentation clarified
  • Release time in mxadsr fixed
  • centroid opcode extended to take array inputs in addition
  • ptable opcodes are now identical to table family
  • ftgen now as array input option
  • subinstr can now have string arguments
  • the i() format is extended to work on k-rate arrays with the first
    argument being an array, followed by the indices
  • monitor opcode can now write to an array


  • pvlook now always prints explicit analysis window name


  • icsound:
  • csound~:
  • csdebugger:
  • HTML5
    • csound.node: Implemented for Linux, minor API fix.
    • pnacl: Added compileCsdText method to csound object
    • Emscripten:
  • CsoundQT:

General Usage

  • Checking of valid macro names improved
  • #undef fixed

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixes to prints in format use
  • jitter2 reworked to make it more like the manual.
  • oscbank has had multiple fixes and now works as advertised
  • bformdec1 with arrays and type 4 fixed
  • Bug in pvsceps fixed
  • In various formatted print opcodes extra trash characters might appear -- fixed
  • Assigning variables with --sample-accurate could give unexpected results; this is believed fixed now
  • padsynth square profile fix, and opcode prints less depending on warn level
  • gen31 fixed
  • gen41 fixed
  • Bug in sensekey fixed
  • A number of issues in centroid fixed
  • An internal miscalculation of variable sizes that only affected 32bit
    architectures fixed


System Changes

  • New score lexing and preprocessor
  • MAC line endings now work again
  • System information messages (system sampling rate, etc) are now directed to stdout
  • rtjack reworked to deal with names and numbers
  • The version printing now includes the commit as so the developers
    know which patches have been applied


  • API version now 4.0
  • Now supports named gens
  • fterror now in API
  • API functions SetOutput and GetOutputFormat fixed
  • Many API functions now use const where appropriate
  • Messages can now be directed to stdout from the API by using CSOUNDMSG_STDOUT attribute
  • New Lisp CFFI and FFI interfaces tested with Steel Bank Common Lisp (64 bit CPU architecture), runs in separate thread
  • ctcsound.py, a new FFI interface for Python was introduced in version 6.07. It is now the recommended interface for Python,
    csnd6.py being deprecated.

Platform Specific

  • iOS
  • Android
    • Multichannel input and output allowed
  • Windows
    • csound64.lib import library added to Windows installer
  • OSX
    • Minor issues with installer fixed
  • GNU/Linux