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@vlazzarini vlazzarini released this May 15, 2018 · 1741 commits to develop since this release


There has been a great amount of internal reorganisation, which should
not affect most users. Some components are now independently managed
and will eventually be installable via a new package manager. The
realtime option is now considered stable and has the "experimental"
tag removed. Special support for the Bela platform has been introduced.

There have been more steps towards completing the
arithmetic operations involving a-arrays.

Note that changes to GEN01 and diskin2 may not be backward compatible
if a non zero value is given for the format.

-- The Developers


New opcodes

  • loscilphs, loscil3phs are like loscil but return the phase in
    addition to the audio.

  • More arithmetic between a-rate arrays and a-rate values; this
    completes the arithmetic where one or more argument is an audio

  • balance2 is like balance but scales the output at a-rate, rather than

New Gen and Macros



  • Characters following a \ in a score string are treated as escaped, so
    \n is a newline rather than two characters. It handles escaped a,
    b, f, n, r, t and v. Other characters following a \ ignore the backslash.


Modified Opcodes and Gens

  • print, printk2 now take an additional optional argument which if
    non-zero causes the k-variable name to be printed as well as the value.

  • getrow, setrow, getcol, and setcol can now act on i-rate arrays.

  • diskin2 was incorrectly described in the manual with respect to the
    iformat parameter. Now if iformat is zero the file is expected to
    have an audio header; if in the range 1-10 (rather than 0-9 as
    before) then it is opened as raw with the specified sample format.
    THIS MAY BE INCOMPATIBLE. For most users the value of zero will
    be correct.

  • GEN01 now uses format 0 to get the file type from the header; any
    other value indicates a raw file. THIS MAY BE INCOMPATIBLE. For
    most users the value of zero will be correct.

  • GEN01 was incorrectly documented with respect to the format
    argment. There are 9 raw formats whereas the earlier manual stated 6.

  • Small change in slicearray should allow it to be used in functional
    form in most cases.

  • The family of opcodes tb0 to tb15 and their initialisation opcodes
    tb0_init to tb15_init are deprecated as multi-argument functions are

  • The mode filter now does not allow a frequency in the unstable region.

  • In scanu and xscanu the value of kpos is supposed to be in the range
    [0,1]. This is now inforced by treating all negative values as 0 and all
    values bigger than 1 as 1.


  • src_conv is now available on Windows and MacOS


  • Belacsound: a new frontend specific for the Bela platform is introduced
    in this version. A binary package is provided.

  • CsoundQt:

General Usage

Bugs Fixed

  • linen was reworked to allow for long durations and overlaps.

  • Resetting csound caused a crash if Lua opcodes were used; fixed.

  • The poscil family of opcodes could give incorrect results if used in
    multi-core orchestras AND another instrument changed the f-table.
    This is now corrected.

  • Use of out with an audio array did not check that the array
    dimension was not greater than the number of channels, which caused
    a crash. It is now checked and truncated if too large with a

  • Bug in stereo versions of loscil introduced distortion; now fixed.

  • Fencepost error in phs fixed.

  • gen49 read deleted memory if the file was not found; fixed

  • Loading of LADSPA plugins when relying on search paths was wrong and
    mangled the name; now fixed.


  • OPCODE6DIR{64} now can contain a colon-separated list of directories.

System Changes

  • The somewhat curious distinction between k-rate and a-rate perf-time
    has been removed throughput, so only threads 1, 2 and 3 are used,
    the s-type output is not used, and some x-type inputs have
    been changed for direct polymorphism. This only matters for opcode
    writers as the s, and x codes and threads 4, 5, 6 and 7 will be
    removed in a while.


  • As ever the French translations are complete.


  • No changes to the API

Platform Specific

  • WebAudio: from this release onwards, the Csound port for the web platforms has been
    merged into a single package henceforth called 'WebAudio Csound'. There are many internal
    changes to this, the AudioWorklet interface is employed wherever supported, with a fallback to
    ScriptProcessorNode elsewhere. Csound is also available in the form of independent Nodes,
    in addition to the original CsoundObj API. The csound.js frontend, originally designed for
    PNaCl Csound, is also ported to WebAudio Csound, following the deprecation of that
    port of Csound.

  • iOS: now ships with a new libsndfile supporting FLAC and ogg vorbis (thanks to Nikhil Singh for providing this).

  • Android: now ships with a new libsndfile supporting FLAC and ogg vorbis

  • Windows

  • MacOS

  • GNU/Linux

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