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Many changes including the removal of vst2cs functionality due to a copyright issue.

The changes made in 6.11 to raw format reading have been modified so
gen1 and diskin ignore positive file formats and use the file header,
unless the format is negative when it uses the absolute value in a raw
audio file. This should preserve most compatibility issues.

There are a number of new and improved opcodes, new facilities in
scores and many bug fixes.

-- The Developers


New opcodes

  • fluidinfo retrieves program information from a currently loaded soundfont.

  • New opcode ftaudio writes a ftable to an audio file; irate and triggered
    k-rate version exist and k-rate version supports sync or async writing.

  • Version of OSClisten that writes the data to a k-rate array now exists.

  • OSCcount returns the number of OSC incoming messages pending.

  • faustplay and faustdsp are new opcodes splitting the faust DSP
    instantiation and performance.

  • OSCbundle sends a collection of similar OSC messages as a single packet
    for efficiency.

  • beosc and beadsyn are band enhanced oscillator and oscillator bank.
    bpfcos is for breakpoint files with interpolation. Similarly lincos
    adds cosine interpolation to linlin.

  • printarray and reshapearray act on arrays.

  • trim and trim_i adjust the size of a 1 dimensional array, either
    bigger or smaller, preserving data and/or padding with zeros.

  • pvstrace now offers a new version outputting an array in addition
    to an fsig. This holds a list of bin numbers of the retained
    loudest components.


  • New preprocessor option #includestr. This is like #include but has
    macro expansion in the double-quote delimited string.

  • Use of tied notes in subinstr fixed.

  • Nesting macro calls more than about 10 caused a crash; now unlimited nesting works.

  • runtime error message now (usually) include a line number and a file/macro trace.

  • multiple assignments such as ka,kb=1,2 are again supported by the
    parser; it had inadvertently got lost.

  • the problematic use of i() with an array element directly is now
    flagged as an error.

  • If an included file name has a "/" in it then any nested include is
    relative to that directory. (Issue #973)

  • Redefinition of UDOs with zero output arguments fixed.

  • A very obscure bug in running sub-instruments, which has been in the
    code for nearly a year, was fixed.


  • New preprocessor option #includestr. This is like #include but has
    macro expansion in the double-quote delimited string

  • 'd' score opcode for real-time performance. This was issue #966.

  • bug in np operation fixed.

  • Use of [] syntax in a score could lead to a loss of precision for
    numbers over about 1 million; older version restored.

  • Nesting macro calls more than about 10 caused a crash; now unlimited
    nesting works.

  • The forms for delayed ending of sections (e 5 or s 5) now work with
    fractional delays; previously only read the integer part.

  • If an included file name has a "/" in it then any nested include is
    relative to that directory. (Issue #973)

Modified Opcodes and Gens

  • Add optional argument to ftom for rounding answer to integer.

  • flooper2 and syncgrain etc now allow resampling.

  • chnclear can now take a list of channels to clear instead of just one.

  • printf and printf_i now are like the manual: all arguments beyond the
    format and trigger are optional.

  • prints and printks can take string arguments printed with %s.

  • GEN2 can now take a size of zero, which is interpreted as size
    sufficient for the number of values provided.

  • faustcompile now includes a new optional parameter to allow it to be
    run in a blocking mode. Defaults (as before) to non-blocking.

  • fillarray can be run at k-rate if any of the argument/values are k-rate.

  • slicearray for other than i-rate arrays runs at k-rate only.


  • A coding error in mixer was fixed. It was very broken.


  • Belacsound:

    • changes to conform to new Bela API.
  • CsoundQt:

General Usage

Bugs Fixed

  • A typo in p5glove meant that the command to read the button status
    as a bitmap only returned state of button A.

  • diskin to array fixed and also use with small ksmps.

  • in loscil it sometimes failed to deal with the ibas argument; this
    has now been reworked to be correct.

  • madsr could overflow an internal counter when given a negative p3.

  • Fixed mapping from threads to lua_States (issue #959).

  • the time calculation in flooper2, flooper, and syncgrain was corrected.

  • resampling and pitch fixed in pvstanal.

  • Rare buffer overflow case in faust opcodes fixed.

  • pvsftw had an incorrect check for fft format which led to incorrect
    claim of bad format; fixed.

  • if ksmps was 1 the opcode linenr at arate failed to work; fixed.

  • window opcode fixed.

  • The test for compatible subtypes of f-values in a number of pvs
    opcodes was wrong, causing spurious error messages.

  • cosseg was broken for more than one segment; now OK.

  • monitor opcode did not work correctly when using multiple processes; fixed.

  • in the linenr opcode if the release stage was entered before the end
    of the rise the output value jumped to the end value and then
    decayed, causing a glitch. This is fixed. (#1048)


  • the various -zN options now reports the number of opcodes for the request, so
    differs with respect to deprecated and polymorphic opcodes.

System Changes

  • Recompilation of named instruments totally reworked to avoid errors
    and memory leaks.

  • The allocation of instrument names to internal numbers has been
    rewritten and should now be usable with replacements in live coding.

  • Printing the number allocated to a named instrument now behaves the
    manual, not just for debug.

  • if liblo version 0.29 is available csound can be built to use it (with
    a compiler flag LIBLO29) and this fixes some bugs related to
    heavy/complex use of OSClisten. Unfortunately the older 0.28 version
    is being distributed by some Linux distros.

  • The orchestra compiler has a number of new optimisations, avoiding
    unnecessary assignments and doing some more expression optimisations.



  • csound->ReadScore was changed so it behaves the same as a score in a
    csd or sco file. This could incorrectly give an infinite score or not
    in unexpected cases.

Platform Specific

  • WebAudio:

    • Added string channel access.
    • ES6 module loading.
  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows

  • MacOS

  • GNU/Linux

  • Bela:

    • allows different channel numbers for audio and analog in and out.