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This repository contains the code for Csound plugins that require external dependencies, as well as code for new third-party contributed plugins. This is actually very experimental and it should become fully effective in version 7 of Csound.

Currently, the plugins available in this tree are

  • AbletonLive Link (requires Ableton link)
    link_create link_enable link_is_enabled link_tempo_set link_tempo_get link_beat_get link_metro link_beat_request link_beat_force

  • chua (requires Eigen library, header-only)

  • Faust (requires libfaust)
    faustgen faustcompile faustaudio faustdsp faustplay faustctl

  • image (requires libpng)
    imageload imagesave imagecreate imagesize imagegetpixel imagesetpixel imagefree

  • py (requires a Python 3.x installation with dev libs)
    Many opcodes to call Python code

  • widgets (requires the FLTK LIB)
    FLTK-based widgets.
    NB: These opcodes do not work correctly on MacOS due to incompatibilities with the operating system.

  • virtual keyboard (requires the FLTK LIB)
    Virtual MIDI keyboard midi backend

  • STK opcodes (requires STK library)
    Physical model opcodes using the STK library

Install location

The CMake scripts in this repository use the default CS_USER_PLUGIN location on MacOS and Windows as defined in the Csound build, or a library instalation directory (customisable) on LINUX. These are:

  • LINUX: depends on both CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX and USE_LIB64. It is then installed in:

    • if USE_LIB64=1 then to
      • for doubles: ${CSOUND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib64/csound/plugins64-${APIVERSION}
      • for floats: ${CSOUND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib64/csound/plugins-${APIVERSION} (floats)`
    • if USE_LIB64=0 then to
      • for doubles: ${CSOUND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/csound/plugins64-${APIVERSION}
      • for floats: ${CSOUND_INSTALL_PREFIX}/lib/csound/plugins-${APIVERSION}
  • MACOS:

    • For doubles: $HOME/Library/csound/${APIVERSION}/plugins64
    • For floats: $HOME/Library/csound/${APIVERSION}/plugins
  • Windows:

    • For doubles: %LOCALAPPDATA%\csound\${APIVERSION}\plugins64
    • For floats: %LOCALAPPDATA%\csound\${APIVERSION}\plugins

Build Instructions for Linux and MacOS

The build requires Csound to be installed, as well as CMake. With this in place, you can do :

$ git clone
$ cd plugins
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ../
$ make

By default, all the plugins are built. If one wants to exclude a plugin from the build process, one can pass an option to the cmake command. For example, to exclude the chua plugin, the cmake command would be:


For the FLTK dependent plugins, the configuration variable used is USE_FLTK.

To install the opcodes you have built

$ make install

Depending on your permissions, you might need to prepend sudo to these commands. After the first build the plugins can be updated with

$ git pull
$ make
$ make install

using sudo in the last step if raised permissions are needed. On Linux, the installation location can be set with the relevant CMake variables as indicated above.

Csound Location

CMake will normally find the installed Csound headers (and library) automatically. However, if your Csound headers and library are not placed in the usual locations, you can use the following CMake option variables to tell CMake where they are:





Repository for Csound plugins which were originally in the main repository, and for new plugins as well.