Convert units to other units quickly and easily from within Vim
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This Vim plugin is a tool for converting units to other units. Time, distance, data, power, etc.


:Convert [[value]|[start unit]] {target unit}

To convert in-place the currently visually-selected text which includes a unit, e.g. 500g

:Convert {target unit}

To convert in-place the currently visually-selected text which does not include a unit, e.g. 500, you'll need to specify one:

:Convert {start unit} {target unit}

To insert a unit conversion as a new value after the cursor, give both fields:

:Convert <value><start unit> <target unit>

This plugin will try to be mindful of whether the unit itself is desired when replacing text. That is, if the selected text lacks a unit, the result will be placed without one as well.

Examples of input and results and how they get there:

Selected text Command What it's doing Result
192in :Convert ft units 192in ft 4.166ft
16 :Convert ft in units 16ft in 192
none :Convert 16ft in units 16ft in 192in
any text :Convert 16ft in units 16ft in 192in
12parsecs :Convert hrs units 12parsecs hrs error*

* parsecs are a unit of distance


Several ways to install:

Pathogen Vim plugin manager


cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://

Vundle Vim plugin manager


Add this to the Vundle plugin list in your .vimrc

Plugin 'cspeterson/vim-convert'

Once help tags have been generated, you can view the manual with :help convert.


Customizing the plugin

To set the path to the units command if not in your PATH:

set g:convert_command='/path/to/units'

Customing the Units utility

This plugin uses Units, a GNU unit conversion and calculation program, and so supports any conversions that it supports. As a rule of thumb any unit or shortened unit you think of will probably work.

To list supported units (as defined in Units' definitions.units file) in a split window:


And while the full lowdown on customizing GNU Units may be beyond the scope of this text, here is an example of the sort of statements you could put into $HOME/.units in order to create new definitions or override existing ones:

# re-define `pt` from `pint` to `point` (the typographical unit)
pt      computerpoint
# re-define `pc` from `parsec` to `pica` (the typographical unit)
pc      computerpica


Taking pull requests at

Please code defensively (normal! etc) and try to maintain style, such as there is.


By Christopher Peterson (@cspete)

This plugin relies on the really actually very awesome Units utility from GNU

Images used in the logo art
Vim logo from D0ktorz | SI Units from Dono


Copyright (c) Christopher Peterson. Distributed under The MIT License.