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Word Design for DNA Computing on Surfaces
Marc van Dongen
Combinatorial mathematics

This problem has its roots in Bioinformatics and Coding Theory.

Problem: find as large a set S of strings (words) of length 8 over the alphabet W = { A,C,G,T } with the following properties:

  • Each word in S has 4 symbols from { C,G };
  • Each pair of distinct words in S differ in at least 4 positions; and
  • Each pair of words x and y in S (where x and y may be identical) are such that xR and yC differ in at least 4 positions. Here, ( x1,…,x8 )R = ( x8,…,x1 ) is the reverse of ( x1,…,x8 ) and ( y1,…,y8 )C is the Watson-Crick complement of ( y1,…,y8 ), i.e. the word where each A is replaced by a T and vice versa and each C is replaced by a G and vice versa.