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A sublime text (and textmate 2) plugin that adds support for CSPM.
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This bundle adds support for CSPM syntax highlighting to Sublime Text and TextMate 2.

It also includes some simple commands to typecheck the current file, open the current file in FDR3, and check all assertions using command line version of FDR.


To install the plugin for Sublime Text, use Package Control and install the package named CSPM.

To install this plugin in TextMate 2:

mkdir -p ~/Library/Application\ Support/Avian/Pristine\ Copy/Bundles
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Avian/Pristine\ Copy/Bundles
git clone git:// cspm.tmbundle


The package adds three commands to Sublime Text.

  • Check Assertions (alt-shift-c): checks all assertions using the command line version of FDR.
  • Briefly Check Assertions (alt-shift-b): this behaves like the Check Assertions command, but only gives the result of each refinement check, and does not give any counterexamples or log information.
  • Open in FDR (alt-shift-r): opens the current file in FDR.
  • Typecheck (alt-shift-t): typechecks the current file.

Sometimes the current file will not be suitable for typechecking on its own (e.g. if a.csp includes b.csp, but b.csp depends on declarations in a.csp). In such cases, it is possible to specify the root file that should be loaded by FDR instead by altering the first line to, e.g. -- root: a.csp. In such cases FDR will find type errors in all files that are included by the root file.


Sublime Text can be configured using the following options.

  • fdr_bin_dir (defaults to null): sets the directory in which the plugin will look for fdr3 and refines. By default, the plugin will search in the normal installation locations.
  • typecheck_on_save (defaults to true): if set, the typechecker will automatically be executed whenever a CSP file is saved.

Settings may also be set on a per-project basis by adding a "cspm" dictionary to the project settings. For example, adding:

"cspm": {
    "typecheck_on_save": true

will override the typecheck_on_save setting just for the particular project.



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