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Ruby research program that uses event trees derived from chaotic equations to write melodies (with midi).
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The Chaos Composer ====

This project was the direct result of my Master's Thesis.

The Chaos Composer uses one dimension of the orbit of up to four different chaotic equations.

It uses the chaotic equations to derive a structure called an Event Tree. The Event Tree is then parsed as the basis of a melody, written to midi. Because this was an experiment, the scripts actually generate multiple runs and also generates control runs- which are melodies in which the notes are selected purely randomly. You also get all the data in csv formats.

To Run the project:

ruby Driver.rb

and you should wind up with some midi files and data about the experiment runs:

data/{chaotic equation name}/{name}_data_set.csv <– csv of the results data/{chaotic equation name}/midi <– midi for compositions and control runs data/{chaotic equation name}/note_list <– text files of midi values for later analysis


  • make the Driver a legit shell script so you can

select which chaotic equation to use via command-line params

  • Figure out a better internall archictecture so it's easy for

someone else to “subclass and go” if they want to

  • Document, document, document…

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