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headless webkit fonts #1

davatron5000 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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This is actually more of an issue for wkhtmltoimage, but I thought it'd be worth noting (since we talked about it) that system font + @font-face support for the headless browser is mediocre. When I get time I'll take another look at it and see if there's a way to get decent font support into wkhtmltoimage, and then document that here.

Feel free to close this. This thing is the jam and I want it to succeed.


Thanks for putting this up here, Dave! I'd definitely like to take a look at my next hack night


found this:
looks like the way to get it to work by doing only one font-family in a style, and it only works with "ttf" fonts.

will test it out and comment


Was this issue meant to be closed?


Just installing the font on the machine running wkhtmltoimage and using them via the font-family declaration works.


Any idea how to solve this when running on Heroku, where installing a font is not an option?


@kretz - you should be able to put a font in your assets folder on Heroku. What I've seen work for wkhtmltopdf is to encode the font in base64 and add that as a font-face in your css, which seems to work for wkhtmltoimage as well, but not in certain cases where there is a fallback font (not sure exactly how/when it stops working).

This issue was closed.
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