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pass an :encoding stanza in the connection information

Allows slime-repl to start again.  I've said "utf-8-unix" but that is
almost certainly a lie; I have no real idea how R handles encodings of
text.  Simply passing in "ë" to the R slime repl breaks things without
too much effort.
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csrhodes committed Dec 9, 2011
1 parent 2fcb575 commit 240e662189985696b3dda3ce442caf30da0e21c3
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@@ -287,6 +287,7 @@ printToString <- function(val) {
`swank:connection-info` <- function (slimeConnection, sldbState) {
list(quote(`:pid`), Sys.getpid(),
quote(`:package`), list(quote(`:name`), "R", quote(`:prompt`), "R> "),
+ quote(`:encoding`), list(quote(`:coding-systems`), list("utf-8-unix")),
quote(`:lisp-implementation`), list(quote(`:type`), "R",
quote(`:name`), "R",
quote(`:version`), paste(R.version$major, R.version$minor, sep=".")))

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