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The following is a work in progress, based on discussion on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/m2QBEZ5


  • decide on the future of CSS modules, will it be supported? Does it need further development?
  • issue triage
    • volunteers: @TheSisb, @joeybaker
  • spec: https://github.com/css-modules/css-modules/issues/147, is there a way to use composes to "override" previous classes? This is the :external proposal.
  • spec: https://github.com/css-modules/css-modules/issues/186#issuecomment-257421710, should we consider "namespaces"?
  • spec: https://github.com/css-modules/css-modules/issues/193 optimization of css properites
  • docs: maybe this is something we can make clearer in the spec. A caveat emptor kind of thing and a recommendation that "composes works best when you compose single-purpose atoms rather than full classes"
    • volunteers: @TheSisb
  • docs: a list of postcss-plugins that are known to work well with css modules
    • volunteers: @TheSisb
  • a linting tool/recommendation for a linting tool
  • assign some people to own any/all of the above