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A one page CV template for Hugo.

Generates a nicely formatted CV from a markdown file.

Winning Theme Screenshot

This is a Simple one page CV template.

Basic Usage

  1. Make sure to Install hugo

  2. Then Let's clone a basic example

    git clone

  3. Enter to the folder

    cd hugoBasicExample

  4. Let's clone this theme

    git clone --recursive themes/winning

  5. Copy from hugoBasicExample/themes/winning/exampleSite/content/ to hugoBasicExample/content/ This file shows you how you need to structure your markdown to best work with this theme.

    cp themes/winning/exampleSite/content/ content/

  6. Let's start HUGO Server in the terminal

    HUGO_THEME=winning hugo server

PDF Generation

npm i html-pdf -g

Copy /exampleSite/generatepdf.js to the root of your hugo project and then run the following command.

node ./generatepdf.js


MIT Licensed, see LICENSE.