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Starter for HTML/CSS/JS projects

Includes Gulp to compile Sass into CSS, along with Autoprefixer and Browser Sync.


Before starting, you'll need Node (which includes NPM).

If using OSX, I'd recommend this guide to getting set up with Node and NPM.

Then install Gulp using npm install -g gulp. This installs Gulp globally and is needed later.

Clone this repo to your local computer using this command:

git clone starter

With the files downloaded, navigate to your starter folder on the command line (or Terminal) and run npm install to set things up.

If that doesn't work, it may be necessary to use sudo npm install.

With this set up, you should now be able to run:


This will process any Sass (SCSS) files and launch a web browser showing the current files. Making changes to the files should result in the page updating automatically.


Drop me a line at with any questions or thoughts. Pull requests welcomed!