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CSS coding style formatter
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CSScomb CSSComb

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CSScomb is a coding style formatter for CSS. You can easily write your own configuration to make your style sheets beautiful and consistent.

The main feature is sorting properties in a specific order. It was inspired by @miripiruni's PHP-based tool of the same name. This is the new JavaScript version, based on the powerful CSS parser Gonzales PE.

1. Install

Global installation (for use as a command-line tool):

npm install csscomb -g

Local installation (for use as a command-line tool within current directory):

npm install csscomb

To install as a project dependency (the package will appear in your dependencies):

npm install csscomb --save

To install as a dev dependency (the package will appear in your devDependencies):

npm install csscomb --save-dev

2. Configure

There are a number of ways to configure CSScomb:

  • Use one of predefined configs
  • Put .csscomb.json file in the project root.
  • Set path to config's file
  • Use *.css file as a template

3. Use

Command Line

csscomb assets/css

Node.js module

var Comb = require('csscomb');
var comb = new Comb('zen');

4. Contribute

This project is actively mantained. But anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.

Also you can become a mantainer. To do that please ping @tonyganch.


@mishanga, @tonyganch

Thanks for assistance and contributions:

@miripiruni, @anton-rudeshko, @cvrebert, @filtercake, @ignovak, @kizu, @lefoy, @L0stSoul, @mishaberezin, @puzankov, @schneyra, @thejameskyle, @vecmezoni


This software is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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