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CSScomb is a coding style formatter for CSS. You can easily write your own configuration to make your style sheets beautiful and consistent.

The main feature is sorting properties in a specific order. It was inspired by @miripiruni's PHP-based tool of the same name. This is the new JavaScript version, based on the powerful CSS parser Gonzales PE.

0. Maintenance mode

The tool is no longer being developed though we may still fix parsing errors and critical bugs.
That means that you should not expect any new features or options.

If you'd like to become a maintainer of this project, please ping @tonyganch.

1. Install

Global installation (for use as a command-line tool):

npm install csscomb -g

Local installation (for use as a command-line tool within current directory):

npm install csscomb

To install as a project dependency (the package will appear in your dependencies):

npm install csscomb --save

To install as a dev dependency (the package will appear in your devDependencies):

npm install csscomb --save-dev

2. Configure

There are a number of ways to configure CSScomb:

  • Use one of predefined configs
  • Put .csscomb.json file in the project root.
  • Set path to config's file
  • Use *.css file as a template

3. Use

Command Line

csscomb assets/css

Node.js module

var Comb = require('csscomb');
var comb = new Comb('zen');

4. Contribute

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for contributing.


@mishanga, @tonyganch

Thanks for assistance and contributions:

@miripiruni, @anton-rudeshko, @cvrebert, @filtercake, @ignovak, @kizu, @lefoy, @L0stSoul, @mishaberezin, @puzankov, @schneyra, @thejameskyle, @vecmezoni


This software is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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