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1 parent 39ddfce commit 2fe3621a810ae24bef879564fa5e3e89252ff732 @miripiruni miripiruni committed Sep 26, 2012
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@@ -0,0 +1,132 @@
+Original style from (c) Ivan Sagalaev <Maniac@SoftwareManiacs.Org>
+pre code {
+ display: block; padding: 0.5em;
+ /*background: #F0F0F0;*/
+pre code,
+pre .ruby .subst,
+pre .tag .title,
+pre .lisp .title,
+pre .clojure .built_in,
+pre .nginx .title {
+ color: black;
+pre .string,
+pre .title,
+pre .constant,
+pre .parent,
+pre .tag .value,
+pre .rules .value,
+pre .rules .value .number,
+pre .preprocessor,
+pre .ruby .symbol,
+pre .ruby .symbol .string,
+pre .aggregate,
+pre .template_tag,
+pre .django .variable,
+pre .smalltalk .class,
+pre .addition,
+pre .flow,
+pre .stream,
+pre .bash .variable,
+pre .apache .tag,
+pre .apache .cbracket,
+pre .tex .command,
+pre .tex .special,
+pre .erlang_repl .function_or_atom,
+pre .markdown .header {
+ color: #800;
+pre .comment,
+pre .annotation,
+pre .template_comment,
+pre .diff .header,
+pre .chunk,
+pre .markdown .blockquote {
+ color: #888;
+pre .number,
+pre .date,
+pre .regexp,
+pre .literal,
+pre .smalltalk .symbol,
+pre .smalltalk .char,
+pre .go .constant,
+pre .change,
+pre .markdown .bullet,
+pre .markdown .link_url {
+ color: #080;
+pre .label,
+pre .javadoc,
+pre .ruby .string,
+pre .decorator,
+pre .filter .argument,
+pre .localvars,
+pre .array,
+pre .attr_selector,
+pre .important,
+pre .pseudo,
+pre .pi,
+pre .doctype,
+pre .deletion,
+pre .envvar,
+pre .shebang,
+pre .apache .sqbracket,
+pre .nginx .built_in,
+pre .tex .formula,
+pre .erlang_repl .reserved,
+pre .input_number,
+pre .markdown .link_label,
+pre .vhdl .attribute,
+pre .clojure .attribute {
+ color: #88F
+pre .keyword,
+pre .id,
+pre .phpdoc,
+pre .title,
+pre .built_in,
+pre .aggregate,
+pre .css .tag,
+pre .javadoctag,
+pre .phpdoc,
+pre .yardoctag,
+pre .smalltalk .class,
+pre .winutils,
+pre .bash .variable,
+pre .apache .tag,
+pre .go .typename,
+pre .tex .command,
+pre .markdown .strong,
+pre .request,
+pre .status {
+ font-weight: bold;
+pre .markdown .emphasis {
+ font-style: italic;
+pre .nginx .built_in {
+ font-weight: normal;
+pre .coffeescript .javascript,
+pre .xml .css,
+pre .xml .javascript,
+pre .xml .vbscript,
+pre .tex .formula {
+ opacity: 0.5;

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