Fix CSScomb when Sass tmLanguage installed #52

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CSScomb was not running when Sass tmLanguage was used for syntax highlighting.

Fixes #18

@tonyganch tonyganch commented on an outdated diff Feb 3, 2015
@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ def is_css(self):
def is_scss(self):
return self.view.scope_name(0).startswith('source.scss')
+ or self.view.scope_name(0).startswith('source.sass')
tonyganch Feb 3, 2015 Member

Oh, wow, thank you!
But you know what, there should actually be def is_sass() returning sass as a syntax name, not scss.

@karlhorky karlhorky Fix CSScomb with Sass tmLanguage
The Sass tmLanguage package can be used to highlight SCSS and Sass files. If
used on an SCSS file, CSSComb does not run (since it does not match the scope
name as starting with `source.scss`).

This commit enables CSSComb for both Sass and SCSS files when being highlighted
with the Sass tmLanguage package.

Fixes #18

@tonyganch No problem, glad to help :)

Please review again. I've added is_sass() as well to support Sass files as well as SCSS files using the Sass tmLanguage package.

@tonyganch tonyganch merged commit 9b6467d into csscomb:master Feb 3, 2015

Thank you! 🐘

@karlhorky karlhorky deleted the unknown repository branch Feb 3, 2015

Thanks for the merge :bowtie:

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