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"locals": {
"url": "",
"twitterHandle": "@CSSconfeu",
"email": "",
"name": "CSSconf EU | Friday, June 1 2018 | Berlin, Germany",
"owner": "CSSconf EU Team",
"description": "CSSconf EU is conference dedicated to all those passionate about design, CSS, and the web. For the community, by the community.",
"buyTicketsLink": ""
"filenameTemplate": ":file/index.html",
"plugins": ["./plugins/postcss.js", "./plugins/nunjucks.js", "./plugins/svg.js"],
"require": {
"moment": "moment",
"_": "underscore",
"typogr": "typogr"
"jade": {
"pretty": true
"markdown": {
"smartLists": true,
"smartypants": true
"nunjucks": {
"filterdir": "./templates/filters",
"filters": ["log", "sortObjects", "splitString", "filterObjects", "joinObjects"]
"postcss": {
"entrypoint": "css/main.css",
"from": "contents/css/main.css",
"plugins": [
"path": "postcss-custom-properties",
"params": {"preserve": true}