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Exploding Numbers


Minimum Viable Product

The game should be a tetris of numbers.

  • Numbers fall and there is an initial layer of numbers on floor
  • Game displays random arithmetic operations (+, -, /, and *) with answers that can be created from fallen numbers.
  • Fallen/falling numbers should be clickable. Difficulty increases with every successful click.
  • Difficulty is defined by quicker falling rate and larger numbers.

Design Docs


  • Util
    • Defines inheritance and some equations common to the other classes (like random number generator and random color generator)
    • Functions: inherits
  • MovingObject
    • Holds main functionality of making the moving class (defining a fabric.js object, finding it's position, and moving it downward)
  • Numbers
    • Inherits from Moving Objects. Originally intended to make transition to making a bomb class easier
  • Game
    • Holds the logic for how to move an object down, how to check answers selected by the user, and when a game ends
  • Equation
    • Holds the logic for generating random equations
  • FallingScreen
    • Holds instances of the game, equation, and has logic for starting the game.

Implementation Timeline

Phase 1: Create FallingScreen (~0.5 day)

Make the falling numbers and initial layer of numbers. Display this on the screen.

Phase 2: Display Equations (~0.5 days)

Make random equations show up on page. These equations will differ depending on difficulty.

Phase 3: Enable clicking of numbers (~0.5 day)

Use jQuery UI to make each number clickable, also register the number that is clicked.

Bonus Features

  • Random bombs to clear all instances of a random number.
  • Point system based on difficulty and final score can be saved.
  • Two modes, default mode ends game when numbers reach top of screen, timer method will return score at the end of 5 minutes.

Technology used:


  • jQuery
    • jQuery UI
  • AJAX
  • Library such as Fabric.js for making Canvas items interactive (clickable).


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