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How to Use Beta Version

  • Go to chrome://extensions

  • Select "Load unpacked extension..." and choose this whole folder

    help screenshot

  • If you are a beta tested, go to "Options" button and add a name that has the word "test" in it. You should get a confirmation saying you're a beta tester after saving options menu



  • Icon color indicate bias [ON HOLD]

  • Hide/show panel

  • Hide/show icons

  • link to "How do we measure bias", and "Get involved with Spectrum"

    ![icon details](/images/07_minimized state.png)

Spectrum bar

  • Show bias with description of why [ON HOLD]

  • Show 2 other articles from other side

  • Allow user to close bar

  • Hide bar, show icon-greyscale and allow user to expand if click on hidden bar or icon

  • Show unknown icon + "Hey! We couldn’t find any similar articles from opposing viewpoints. Try a different article or email us with suggestions." message

    ![Full Spectrum Bar](/images/06_initial state.png) ![Unknown Spectrum Bar](/images/08_blank state.png)

Responsive design

  • Have carousel for small screens

  • Have more articles for large screens

    Larger Screens ![Smaller Screens](/images/10_below 1440.png)

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