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Preset for JSS - installs default plugins and settings in one call. (Migrated to a Monorepo it JSS repository)
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Default preset for JSS with selected plugins

Preset allows to setup JSS quickly with default settings and a number of plugins so that you don't need to learn how to setup plugins.




Preset exports a default function which accepts options. Options is a map of plugin name in camel case and plugin options as value.

It returns a JSS options object, which can be passed to JSS constructor or the setup.

preset({somePlugin: options})

Setup global JSS instance

import jss from 'jss'
import preset from 'jss-preset-default'


Setup own JSS instance

import {create} from 'jss'
import preset from 'jss-preset-default'

const jss = create(preset())


File a bug against cssinjs/jss prefixed with [jss-preset-default].



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