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Migration guides

From v9 to v10

  1. New dynamic values support.

    In v9, observables and function values have been part of JSS core. In v10 they are standalone plugins. If you are using the default preset, you don't need to do anything else than upgrading the default preset and JSS. If you are using a custom setup and you use function values or observables, you will have to add two additional plugins. See

  2. Full syntax support in dynamic values.

    JSS plugins now process return values from observables and functions. It means you can return full JSS syntax from dynamic values. It also means it can be a bit slower, but you can opt-out from processing by using sheet.update(data, {process: false}) when using JSS core directly. Also you can opt-out when setting up the observable plugin jss.use(pluginObservable({process: false})).

  3. Scoped @keyframes.

    In v9, when you declare keyframes @keyframes my-animation the my-animation ID was global, as it is by default in CSS. It could lead to problems since you could override them nondeterministically. In v10, ID is scoped by default, same as we do with class names. Check out the full syntax here.

  4. Renamed ID generator function.

    Due to the fact, that we now use the same ID generator function for both class names and keyframes ID, we had to rename functions createGenerateClassName and generateClassName to createGenerateId and generateId.

  5. Dropped older React versions support.

    React-JSS has migrated to the new Context API and now requires React v16.3 or higher.