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All projects using JSS


React-JSS - HOC interface for React with theming support.

Styled-JSS - styled components interface for React.

Aphrodite-JSS - aphrodite like API.

glamor-jss - glamor like API.

Aesthetic - a React style abstraction layer with theme support.

CSSX CSS syntax which can use JSS for rendering.


Examples repository

UI libs

Material-UI React Components that Implement Google's Material Design

Arwes Futuristic Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk Graphical User Interface Framework for Web Apps

react-modal-dialog A modal dialog for ReactJS


jss-vendor-prefixer-ie10 JSS plugin that handles vendor prefixes for the legacy browsers.

jss-legacy-browsers JSS plugin that handles legacy browser support

jss-color-rebeccapurple JSS plugin to transform the W3C CSS rebeccapurple color to rgb.

jss-rtl JSS plugin to convert the layout from ltr to rtl.


jss-simple Thin wrapper around jss that simplifies its interface and restricts you to a single, global stylesheet.

jss-css This is a convenience module for JSS that converts CSS string into JSS object. It allows to describe style classes for components in a habitual and little less verbose way.

PreJSS Fast, scoped, component-friendly and fully customizable PostCSS-to-JSS adapter which allows to use plain CSS, PostCSS, SCSS, CSS Modules, Stylus and LESS styles as JSS objects "on-the-fly" through using Tagged Template Strings.

Style helpers

normalize-jss JSS port of normalize.css

perdido JSS fractional grid system built with calc(), based on Lost PostCSS grid. Supports masonry, vertical, and waffle grids.

Build tools

babel-plugin-jss-simple Add filename keys to your jss-simple declarations to help with hot reloading.

babel-plugin-jss-css Babel plugin for jss-css module.

jss-loader Webpack loader - use JavaScript as your CSS preprocessor!

jss-sheet-Loader Webpack loader for JSS to simplify styles creation and usage.

gulp-jss Gulp plugin

Editor integrations

Atom snippets Snippets for Atom

VS Code snippets Snippets for Visual Studio Code

Atom CSS to JS converter Atom plugin for converting CSS to JS styles and vice versa