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PostCSS Plugins PostCSS

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We are happy you're here!

This repository uses a monorepo architecture that contains plugins, plugin-packs and CLI tools to help you transform your CSS so every browser can understand it.

Our wish is that you can leverage the CSS that will become a standard with every browser!

A brief look into the structure

This repository leverages NPM Workspaces to handle every package/project.

PostCSS Plugins contains tools and plugins for PostCSS Preset Env.

PostCSS Preset Env lets you convert modern CSS into something most browsers can understand, determining the polyfills you need based on your targeted browsers or runtime environments.

There's also a CLI that allows you to quickly debug or prototype without having to configure PostCSS before you need any toolchain.

Under sites you can find websites that we publish to better display all of this information.

Our current focus

We're trying to bring every reasonable CSS Spec into all the browsers.

First we keep track of new features through the CSSDB (see the repo). Then we do our best to create a PostCSS plugin that can convert that new syntax/function/rules so every browser can understand it.

While it's not always possible we're enabling over 30 features with these plugins!

You can keep track of our current efforts on the PostCSS Preset Env Project and also read announcements on the project's discussions.


Thanks for being willing to contribute! Please read our contributing guide!