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@@ -275,6 +275,16 @@ to allow for greater reuse. Extensions of objects should be much more explicitly
named (e.g. `.user-avatar-link`). Don’t worry about the amount or length of
classes; gzip will compress well written code _incredibly_ well.
+### Classes in HTML
+In a bid to make things easier to read, separate classes is your HTML with two
+(2) spaces, thus:
+ <div class="foo--bar bar__baz">
+This increased whitespace should hopefully allow for easier spotting and reading
+of multiple classes.
### JS hooks
**Never use a CSS _styling_ class as a JavaScript hook.** Attaching JS behaviour
@@ -285,7 +295,7 @@ class namespaced with `.js-`, e.g. `.js-toggle`, `.js-drag-and-drop`. This means
that we can attach both JS and CSS to classes in our markup but there will never
be any troublesome overlap.
- <th class="is-sortable js-is-sortable">
+ <th class="is-sortable js-is-sortable">
The above markup holds two classes; one to which we can attach some styling for

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