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@@ -66,12 +66,20 @@ like this:
It’s as simple as that!
**Note the empty HTML comments.** These are to remove whitespace caused by using
`inline-block`. Prior to v1.1 this was tackled by using some
[`[letter|word]-spacing` trickery](,
however Chrome 25 introduced a change which meant this method now broke
+If you’d rather not use HTML comments to remove the whitespace then you can set
+the `$use-markup-fix` variable to false; this invokes a CSS hack that _cannot_
+be guaranteed. Always take care to check things over if using this method.
### Sass’ silent classes
If you are using silent classes (`$use-silent-classes: true;`) then your HTML
@@ -149,6 +157,18 @@ csswizardry-grids this is as simple as:
+### Centred grids
+You can centrally align your grids by simply using the `.grid--center` modifier:
+ <div class="grid--center">
+ <div class="grid__item one-half">
+ I’m in the middle!
+ </div>
+ </div>
## Help and questions
If you have any trouble setting csswizardry-grids up, or would like some help

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