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@@ -15,6 +15,13 @@ To quickly install inuit.css, run the following commands:
$ cd your-project-folder
$ ./go
+What we are doing here is cloning an instance of the inuit.css-web-template and
+its submodules (that’s what the `--recursive` does) into a directory which you
+specify. Next we `cd` into that directory and run [our `go` script](
+This script (courtesy of [Nick Payne]( simply
+removes the web template’s Git instance and replaces it with a fresh one for
+your project, whilst also maintaining your inuit.css submodule.
For a more detailed overview on what inuit.css is, and how to install and use
it, please refer to the documentation in the README in
[the main inuit.css repository](

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